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International - marriage dating.

For Partners:

One of our activities is the organization of the international dating.

We cooperate and negotiate for cooperation with marriage agencies dating in Europe: Italy, Germany, France and Spain; in Asia: China. Prepared to consider proposals for joint work.

For us in the first place is the safety of the client and the achievement of its objectives!

For important men from abroad. 

If you - a man foreigner, who wants to get acquainted with the beautiful Russian woman for the long-term relations, we will be glad to give you help and support in it.

We can offer you the following help:

  1. Help in a choice and booking of hotel in Moscow
  2. A meeting at the airport
  3. Translation service
  4. Services in selection of woman for acquaintance
  5. Other services, by agreement

Moscow is very beautiful city at all seasons of the year. We suggest you to combine two pleasant acquaintances - acquaintance to one of the most beautiful capitals of the world and acquaintance to beautiful Russian women.

If you want to use services of our agency, write us the letter.


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